Making Your Own Scrapbooking And Horizontal Bandsawing Designs

// Published 2020-03-22 by admin

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Making Your Own Scrapbooking And Horizontal Bandsawing Designs

There are many people who want to create a scrapbook with pictures and letters that are horizontal, but are not sure how to. You can make scrapbooks with horizontal lines by using a piece of scrap wood that is two by fours as the base for your pages.

When you are cutting your wood, make sure that you are consistent in the lengths of the horizontal lines. Some scrapbookers prefer to make two or three inches wider than the width of the horizontal lines. When you have the two by four’s in hand, measure each cut line, add a quarter inch to the measurement of the line and the width of the horizontal lines. Then measure the total width of the horizontal lines.

Two thirds of an inch on each side of the lines are added to the total width. Use two by fours and the pattern piece as your guide to fit each piece together. Drill pilot holes to be sure there are no air pockets when you attach the pieces. You should then nail the two pieces together to ensure they are held firmly together.

The next step is to cut off the excess paper. After this is complete, mark the vertical lines with pencil. This is so you know how to cut the pieces accordingly.

Make sure that you trim the wood evenly to reduce any gaps. Turn the pork over and glue each piece to its corresponding vertical line. Repeat this step until all of the horizontal lines are in place. Trim the remaining paper as needed.

Turn the piece over and mark the two corners. This will allow you to match the two pieces together when you attach them. Attach each piece to the opposite side of the two lines. This way, they will align properly.

Start by turning the piece over and following the horizontal line you just created. This will allow you to check where you need to cut on the other side. Cut the three inches from the end of the piece of wood and you will be left with two horizontal lines. Mark these lines on the wood with a pencil. Begin by cutting two more inches off of the bottom side of the wood piece.

Now you will create your horizontal bandsawing designs. Draw on the horizontal lines with a marker and then insert the two pieces to the horizontal lines. Cut both pieces of wood at the same time. Wrap the two pieces of wood with double sided tape so they are secured and cut them so they are square.