How to Set Up a Horizontal Band Sawing Machine

// Published 2020-06-21 by admin

A Horizontal band saw is a useful tool for any wood worker that needs to cut up large pieces of lumber. Here are some simple, handy steps to take before you purchase a brand new machine.

– The first thing you want to do is set the machine up and get it adjusted properly. Check the belt tension and make sure there are no loose screws or loose hardware. Then move on to setting up the chuck to the power source. This can be done by simply turning the chuck to the right or left depending on the orientation of the power source (this helps when working with an outlet plug).

– Next, you will want to decide if you want a chain drive or a belt drive. Both are viable options, but it all depends on your preference and budget. Chain drives run off of one speed, whereas belt drives run off of two speeds. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. It is your decision.

– Finally, you should get the saw up on its feet. First, you will want to attach the clamps to the base of the saw.

– Next, you want to find a sturdy table to stand the saw on. Your jaw will certainly move around a lot while you are working, so this table will ensure the top of the saw is not going to tip over and crush your neck.

– Finally, you will want to hook up the electronic or cordless electrical connections. You should also ensure that the saw’s control board is turned on and functioning correctly.

Now it’s time to put your machine together. The hardware needed should include:

There you have it. Follow these simple steps to set up a Horizontal Band Sawing Machine in no time at all.