Woodturning Spindles

// Published 2020-07-31 by admin

Turning Spindle Turning, or “turning on the center”, is a popular woodturning technique referring to an entire woodturn, a piece of solid wood on the lathe, being turned onto its center axis at the same time. Turning spindles are commonly used to turn unfinished pieces of wood and are one of the most popular and effective techniques for turning.

Turning Spindle

Turning spindles are generally constructed of solid wood such as oak or mahogany, but in some cases they can be made from plastic. Turning spindles are usually constructed with the bottom surface being hollowed out so the top is attached, but sometimes only the bottom is hollowed out. The inner core of the turning spindle is also hollowed out so it can be used to support a workbench or table while the piece is being turned.

One of the main advantages of turning spindles over other types of turning equipment is that the piece is turned directly on its base (solid wood) and not on its supports (typically metal or plastic). The hollow inner core makes it impossible to mark the wood, so there are very few disadvantages to turning spindles over other types of turning equipment. These spindles are also very light and require very little maintenance. However, some people prefer to turn their pieces on the support and then removing the supporting ring and placing the turning ring on top of the support while the piece is still turned. This allows them to clean the piece without having to worry about damaging the support.

Turning spindles are also excellent for woodturners who wish to practice intricate maneuvers, such as twists and turns, because the inner core is completely hollow. Turning spindles are often used to create unique looking effects in handcrafted wood turns because the inner core is hidden from view.

Turning spindles are also ideal for woodturners who are beginners because they allow them to learn their craft without the distraction of turning the whole piece. Turning spindles are easy to maintain and are easy to install. Once they are installed, they are relatively inexpensive to buy. They can also be purchased in kits for less than $100.

Some tools that turn spindles include: turners, a rotary tool, and a chisel. If you choose to purchase turning equipment, make sure to purchase these items together and follow the instructions included with the kit.

It is important to read the instructions carefully before you begin using a spindle. Some manufacturers offer manuals that explain how to operate the spindle and what type of equipment you need, but if you do not know the product you want, you can always refer to books about woodturning.

Woodturning can be a very rewarding hobby. Turning your own piece allows you the opportunity to create unique woodturning effects with your favorite wood and to experiment with various methods of turning. The woodturner never has to worry about spending more money than is necessary to purchase spindles. Instead, they can learn to turn on their own through trial and error.