Three Companies That Make Popular Use of Palletizing Systems

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Palletizing Systems

Three Companies That Make Popular Use of Palletizing Systems

Palletizing Systems, LLC is an internationally recognized company providing a variety of high quality pallets, forklifts, and other moving equipment for a variety of commercial warehouse needs. Focusing on pallets for moving and storage purposes, this company has literally been in the moving supply industry for decades and continues to lead the industry in innovation and technology. Their products are backed by a superior level of customer service, unmatched after sale service, and unmatched lifetime warranty.

Palletizing Systems LLC was founded in 1974 by Dr. Arnold Zaltman who studied Industrial Engineering and received his doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Known for innovative thinking and his innovative approach to product development, Zaltman started out as a businessman and then changed careers to focus more on his idea of product innovation. After many years, he concentrated his efforts on developing powerful and reliable robotic palletizers that can be used by material handling industries, manufacturing industries, distribution and assembly industries, and other service industries. His innovative ideas about automated material handling equipment made him a renowned figure in the material handling industry.

The major players in the palletizing systems industry include Atlas Copco, Berkel, DuraCrete, Furreal, iRobot, I-Robot, Kettler, Mega Components, Neat, and Smart Parts. Each of these companies has its own distinctive range of offerings under its Pallet Handling category. The following table gives a brief outline of the major players in the industry. Brief descriptions of each brand, its products, and its range of offerings are provided:

Atlas Copco offers high quality modular pallets and associated equipment to meet the heavy-duty work requirements of the material handling, packaging, and final disposition industry. The company’s award-winning PHLX line of palletizing robots includes both a forward and rear end effector. The PHLX series is designed to handle both light and heavy loads, thanks to the high-torque L Forklift Engine. Each machine in the PHLX series is engineered with an automatic, fully-automatic loading function and powerful motorized lift for high throughput works. With the optional Forklift Attachment and Pallet Feeder attachments, the Atlas PHLX line of palletizing robots is also able to handle extremely heavy payloads.

Berkel has been a leader in the development of industrial and packaging robotics. The company’s line of compact and automated packaging and palletizing machines has set new standards in the industry. Many of the products in the Berkel product line are flexible, lightweight, and durable, making them ideal for both the manufacturing and consumer markets.

The iRobot Company was founded by robotic engineers who designed the first model of the robot and continue to work on new and improved models. They have become very adept at designing robots that can work in a variety of applications, including packaging and material handling. The iRobot HDL is one example of their popular Roboquad model, which helps companies control the quality of their product while saving time and money in the production process. iRobot’s popularity in the packaging and material handling fields has allowed them to expand into other areas, including security and medical care.