Direct Drive Rotary Table

// Published 2021-07-20 by admin

A Direct Drive Rotary Table is basically a rotary gear that has its rotation directly controlled by the output from a computer. Direct drive rotary table is often more precise and versatile than the traditional face-to-face rotary table, and is often times more cost-effective. Such a table would most probably be used in heavy-duty industrial applications such as car production line or an aircraft manufacturing plant. As rotors are usually attached to a gear train via a shaft, there are times when a direct drive rotary table must be positioned on a rotary machine guided by an injection system.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

This form of table usually comes with a foot lever that allows the operator to either regulate speeds directly or indirectly, by opening and closing the throttle. The speed can be increased or decreased depending upon the needs of the situation. A high speed Direct Drive Rotary Table is used in applications where high speed or heavy duty machinery is to be used. These high speed rotary gearboxes come with a high speed clutch that is operated electrically, and they are designed specifically for heavy duty operation and long life.

High speed direct drive rotary tables are built with high precision engineering parts that are capable of withstanding heavy torque. They have been designed with a user-friendly throttling mechanism that makes them very convenient to use. These types of gearboxes are capable of supplying smooth shifts and superior speed/torque capability. In addition to high speed capabilities they also feature fully variable gear ratios, which make them suitable for a wide range of applications. For their versatility, direct drive rotary tables are also available in a number of different configurations, including short throw.

Many different companies manufacture direct drive rotary tables, including CNC mills and others. High quality, precision machined components form the basis of these precision instruments. They are made using high tensile and precision bearings that are made to withstand the toughest conditions. High precision ball bearings are used inside the gears and rollers of the rotary tables to reduce friction and create smooth shifts and constant, reliable mechanical power transfer. Standard gear designs are often found in direct drive rotary tables as well.

In recent years, CNC mills and CNC machines have entered the market, offering precision craftsmanship at an affordable price. Because of this, direct drive tables have become more affordable, making it possible for even the most small local shops offer precision mechanical solutions to their customers. While CNC mills are expensive and require a dedicated staff to oversee their operations, the lower cost of CNC tables makes them accessible to most business owners. Free cooling of the gearbox and other important components of the rotary table prevents overheating and excessive wear and tear. Over time, the smooth shifts of a direct drive table can become the thing of beauty in a shop.

For larger shops, direct drive table systems allow for a great deal more automation and accuracy than their CNC counterparts. This is why rotary tooling and precision bearings are such an integral part of the precision machining process. CNC machines, on the other hand, are designed to be operated in a fully automatic fashion, relying solely upon the software for all of its functions. The result is a product that is not only highly reliable but also highly versatile and customizable. With the help of CNC tables, a great product can be created quickly and with high levels of accuracy, allowing it to go right into the hands of a happy customer.