CNC Rotary Table – Precision and Versatility

// Published 2021-08-02 by admin

CNC Rotary Table is an indispensable addition used in a CNC machineries to increase the productivity of the machine. It is basically a work platform upon which a CNC machined object is moved and worked upon. The rotary motion imparts strength to the work piece while allowing it to be free from wedging, warping or grinding. This enables faster turning with less effort, which improves the output and efficiency of a CNC machine.

CNC Rotary Table

There are two types of CNC Rotary Table: a vertical machining center and a simultaneous machining assembly unit (RAMU). They are made of different and unique materials with the former being more durable and cost effective. In a RAMU, the work platform is arranged along two axes; one vertical axis for CNC vertical machining, the other for CNC simultaneous machining center.

While choosing a CNC Rotary Table, the buyer must be able to determine its usability based on its intended use. For example, in a RAMU type system, the CNC rotary tool can be positioned anywhere in the RAMU without affecting its working mechanically. On the other hand, in a vertical CNC positioning system, the work platform is fixed vertically within the CNC machine. Due to its unique mechanical properties, a CNC Rotary Table with a vertical design offers the advantage of simultaneous positioning along both axes. This feature of a rotary table allows users to perform a dual task of machining, simultaneously.

One type of CNC Rotary Table that has gained much popularity is the swivel CNC machining center. It facilitates easy transfer of a material from the lathe to a pallet with the help of one axis only. Unlike a fixed stand mounted CNC machine, the swiveling CNC rotary table enables rotation either clockwise or counter clockwise. In addition, a swivel CNC machining center has an adjustable lifting device to provide users with a choice of angle in which to operate the machine.

However, the most popular and preferred type of CNC Rotary Table is the end mount CNC machining system that supports both vertical and horizontal movement. The reason behind this is the mechanical advantage that this type of system offers in terms of providing accurate mechanical positions at the end of the run. By achieving positional accuracy, the CNC rotary tables offer users with consistent and smooth mechanical positions. It also helps in increasing the efficiency of the machine by reducing unnecessary movements during the process and increasing the productivity level.

The CNC rotary desks use two rotating parts, namely a vertical machining center mounted on a platform and a horizontal plate that connects the two. This combination allows for accurate positioning and operation even in cases when one of the parts encounters obstacles during operation. With the swivel CNC machine, the user is able to rotate the pallet of the material by rotating the bottom rail. This is done without affecting the position of the work piece and therefore improving the speed of the operation. As it can be easily seen that the best solution to the problem of limited mobility while performing multiple tasks is the CNC rotary tables that offer both horizontal and vertical solutions to the problem of positioning consistency.