Rotary Table With High Speed and Precision

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Direct Drive Rotary Table

Rotary Table With High Speed and Precision

Direct Drive Rotary Table is basically a type of rotary table utilized for the constant operation that is multiple times more precise and agile than traditional rack and pinion rotary table. It has an in built electronic control system which rotates the shaft at a particular speed that allows any desired work to be performed with almost instantaneous response. It can be used both as a drafting table and for cutting down materials, etc.

One can find the following types of Direct Drive Rotary Table Fluid driven, Hydraulic Axial flow, screw drive, etc. Fluid driven direct drive rotary tables are considered to be the most durable and reliable ones and generally require minimal maintenance and serve longer life span than the others. They also tend to provide high speed and high torque performance.

On the other hand Hydraulic and axial flow rotary table tends to have a higher degree of precision and agility. It provides higher speed and torque performance along with the capability of providing consistent, free cooling. It requires minimal maintenance and also has the ability to run longer without consuming excessive power. The 18h7 model provides free cooling throughout the drive and is capable of delivering precise measurements over long hours. It is generally considered to be very stable.

In case of screw and pinion drive rotary tables there are basically two kinds available in the market. These are variable wound and direct wound rotary engines. They are basically designed for heavy duty work. The variable wound variety is preferred for smaller projects and lower torque ratings, whereas the direct wound rotary engine is best suited for higher torque rating and higher speed performance. Screw and Pinion Rotary Engines can also be chosen from a wide range of brands that are well known for their performance.

Rotary table with torque gauges is another variety that offers high precision and accuracy along with fast cooling and high tolerance to temperature changes. Most of these devices are capable of performing multiple tasks including drawing plotting lines, setting DPI, maximum load, holding data, and measurement of torque. Some of them are also capable of setting precision elapsed time and percent measuring of thrust. These precision-driven rotary tables are designed to meet different requirements of the customers.

The indexing and braking systems of these precision are driven rotary tables are specially designed to operate with high loads. They are made to provide high-speed and high-torque performance along with smooth operation. Moreover, the devices come with a wide range of features like high-speed indexing system, high-torque braking system, fast cooling system, and anti-microbial protection. All these features make the devices more popular among industrial users.