Direct Drive Rotary Table – Benefits

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Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct Drive Rotary Table – Benefits

A Direct Drive Rotary Table is one of the most sophisticated computer-controlled tools that has emerged in the industry. The Rotary Engine is fitted in a direct drive plinth which rotates on two vertically mounted shafts. The speed of the plinth is controlled by altering the drive speed via potentiometers. This form of computer controlled tools uses the latest hydraulic and pneumatic techniques to manipulate the work piece.

Direct Drive Rotary Table has the motor integrated into the base and is rotating the shafts and faceplate effectively. The tables offer very high speed and high acceleration speeds with high deceleration and slow rotation speed. The main application has to be regarded seriously but most of the common applications need not be considered seriously. It has a primary advantage of providing high torque low speed operation.

The rotary tools that are fitted in the base of the direct drive rotary table have been developed for heavy duty tasks like cutting, drilling, etching, grinding and also for bonding sheet metal. There are two types of the rotary tools; positive or continuous drive and negative or motion variable. The continuous drive has a motor that runs continuously and is called as an active drive. On the other hand the motion variable variety contains a clutch that is moved back and forth depending upon the direction of motion. The tools use a series of gears to provide high torque and high speed performance.

The precision bearings, high temperature material and heavy duty construction have made the direct drive rotary table a product of great demand. It has become popular due to its benefits over the other mechanical devices used in the construction of lathe tools. For example the accuracy of the gear-driven motors can reach up to + 0.500 deg/min, which is much greater than any conventional mechanical lathe or even electric lathes. The position in the frame of the tool uses the servo motor concept. This concept ensures that the position can be easily shifted to any direction without the need to worry about the servo motor getting stuck.

There are other benefits of using the direct drive rotary tables such as; they have a minimum system weight, they are extremely compact and portable, they require a minimum number of electrical wires, they offer high precision and they have a high speed. The high speed of the direct drive systems ensures that the work can be completed quickly and that the tool can be used more precisely with a better and consistent performance. The efficiency of the tools is also enhanced with the use of such precision devices.

Another advantage of the rotary table is that the users can easily make any small adjustments to the size of the holes through which the tools need to be fed. They can also easily change the viscosity of the lubricant. The rotary tools also have a long service life, thanks to their excellent designing. The precision of the rotary tools is guaranteed at all times with their lifetime guarantee. Thus it is quite obvious that there is no comparison between this type of rotary table and its counterparts such as electric lathes and grinders.