The Benefits of a Direct Drive Rotary Table

// Published 2021-08-04 by admin

Direct Drive Rotary Table has its origins in the early 20th century, when it was first used as a replacement for the rack and pinion (R&P) rotary engines used in aviation applications. Such systems were usually fixed using a pinion and rack pinion drive that allowed them to be more precise and agile, even when operating at high speeds. Direct Drive Rotary Table thus has its various advantages over R&P rotary engines, which include:

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Reliability: The reason for the popularity of this type of system lies on the fact that they require very low maintenance and have a high reliability. As there are no pendular parts to wear out due to vibration or belt tension and the drive unit consists of the main bearings and the spindle, they are extremely durable. Also, the drive unit is sealed with the help of heat insulation and air tightness which ensure the smooth flow of gas or liquid. There are no turbulence and no backspin to affect the accuracy of the measurement and the system works smoothly.

High Speed Performance: The rotary engines are designed in a way that they can reach very high speeds, and they have the ability to deliver very high torque. This results in quicker movement of the measuring device and higher torque delivers a faster turning radius. This is because the rotational speed of the measuring device is directly proportional to the torque delivered. The high speed feature of the direct drive rotary table also offers high speed precision as it allows the operator to set the desired speed without affecting the performance of the device.

Accuracy: It is one of the most commonly used measurement systems today and it offers high accuracy and precise measurement. The accuracy is affected only by two things – physical and material properties. It is always advisable to check the product manual for more information about the material and physical properties of the rotary tables before selecting the product. Some of the commonly used material systems are aluminum and steel.

High Speed Gear Driven Motors: Today there are mainly three different technologies used in the construction of the rotary tables. They are: direct drive rotary table, gear-driven motors, and the discrete interference drive. The direct drive rotary table is the oldest type of rotary measurement system and uses a pinion / ring gear system to deliver the measurement result. On the other hand, the gear-driven motors use a transmission to transfer the power from the motor to the table. Last, but not the least, the discrete interference drive uses a novel motor concept and the measurements are delivered brevity interference.

All these are just some of the salient features of the rotary measurement system. The design of the rotary range depends upon several other parameters like, the measuring scope, the type of measurement, and the operating environment. However, all the mentioned factors play a very vital role in delivering the best results to the users. The high speed digital torque vector table is one such example. It is known for its high precision, reliability, and versatility as well.