CNC Rotary Tables For the Best Results

// Published 2021-08-09 by admin

CNC Rotary Table: A true Simultaneous 4th generation CNC Rotary Table, which is programmed via computer-based software. This type of table is ideal for small as well as large shops and industries, since the size of this machine is compact and can fit into tight spaces. Ready to install either on a Centroid Cnc Control or compatible machine. Program using CAD/CAM, CGA or Centroid’s conversational software.

CNC Rotary Table

Uses: In addition to large industrial shop, this machine can also be used in manufacturing applications where there is a need for precise milling operation, such as in wood finishing process and sanding. These types of operations must be done precisely for accuracy to avoid damaging the material. The most common application of CNC Rotary tables is to provide a smooth transition between two contrasting materials for furniture and flooring application. CNC Rotary Table is equipped with both “carriage” and “rotary” in its controls, which are moved by the operator through a table. In this kind of operations, the operator should use both hands to move the rotary controls.

Ideal for work positioning tasks, CNC Rotary Table provides smooth movement between the work positioning axis and the work indexing axis. The rotary table has two axes, which are X and Y. The two axes can be set in the software for precise level of automation. This enables you to perform tasks, which otherwise would be impossible to do. For example, you can now do surface adjusting and fine work positioning from your work platform.

Selection Based Control: In CNC Rotary Table, there is a variable selection based on load capacity, which helps in performing tasks quickly and accurately. To control the load capacity, one sets the load capacity as per the requirement in the software. Similarly, if the required load capacity is too high, the program will reduce the size of the work piece. Likewise, if the load capacity is set as low as possible, the program will increase the size of the work piece. In this way, the process becomes extremely precise and automatic.

Fully Programmable: The CNC Rotary Table is fully programmable with the addition of programming codes that allow you to run the machine tool once, and then again to adjust the positions of the axes. This increases the precision of the rotational axis of the machine tool. Also, the programming codes are executed automatically each time the machine tool is started. With the increased precision, you can perform fine machining operations with greater ease. You can also fine tune the operation of the CNC Rotary Table by altering the operating parameters of the machine tool.

Extrusion Milling: If you want to use your CNC Rotary Table for Extrusion Milling, you need to turn the rotation of the axes manually. Rotate the axes in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. By doing so, you can get in the right place for drilling with less manual strokes. A CNC Rotary Table that has an extrusion feature can perform the 4thaxis rotation, which is not possible with a hand held milling machine. The CNC Rotary Table can also perform surface grinding. It can efficiently grind and polish the different kinds of metals using its Inclination Furnace.