CNC Rotary Table – Which Type of Rotary Table is Best for Your Job?

// Published 2021-08-10 by admin

Direct Drive Rotary Table

CNC Rotary Table – Which Type of Rotary Table is Best for Your Job?

A Direct Drive Rotary Table is a self contained machine and is commonly used for crafting many delicate products such as plastic toys, metal, wood, etc. Rotary tables are typically self-powered by the application of a small electrodynamic force. Direct drive rotary tables typically have the motor located right at the bottom of the large rotary table top faceplate directly powering the axes and bearings. The tables provide high speed and high angular acceleration/decelaration capabilities for designing complex shapes and patterns with ease. The ability to precisely machined precise profiles and materials has made them an invaluable tool in today’s industry.

A CNC Rotary Table is another form of direct drive rotary table, which offers high speed capability. In essence, CNC stands for “computer numerical controlled” and is a term encompassing machinery that is automated to perform operations automatically. CNC machinery offers precise control over the elements of the table by manipulating them via computer software program. Some CNC Rotary Tables includes an optional programming option which allows users to program in specific operations which may range from random rotations, angle shifts and other rotational behaviors. Some also offer “per move” programming, which allows users to define the rate of rotation for each move of the table.

A tilting or lateral axis rotary table is another popular rotary table option. These units allow users to specify the amount of rotation of one or more axes and vary it randomly while maintaining a constant center of gravity. The advantage of a tilting unit is that it allows for fine manipulation of detailed products. The disadvantage is that fine manipulation of complex designs requires more operator input and increased skill level. Another drawback of a tilting rotary table is that it requires more space as well as power in order to operate.

A high speed direct drive rotary table is yet another popular option. High speed CNC rotary tools offer a variety of benefits, which includes precise power control and faster speeds. Such CNC rotary tables are usually preferred over the variable and slower models due to their high level of accuracy and speed.

The final type of CNC rotary tool is the radial roller bearing CNC rotary table. This type of tool features a worm gear with radial expansion design. It uses the reciprocating motion of a pair of rollers to provide operation capabilities. Such CNC tools are used in applications where the operation requires both high speeds and precision movements. The disadvantage of such a rotary tool is that it requires greater operator input as it features a worm gear instead of a linear expansion design. However, CNC enthusiasts continue to use such rotary tools even if they don’t have to use such high speeds as in most CNC applications.

Some of the more common rotary tools include those that are used for precision assembly or surface trimming applications. In such cases, the higher speed of these CNC rotary tables allows the user to attain the best results. Such precision rotary tools can also be used for drilling and cutting purposes. Most manufacturers recommend the use of direct drive CNC rotary tables in drilling operations. Even when the job requires lower speeds, direct drive CNC rotary tables are still preferred because they provide high-precision performance.