High Speed Direct Drive Rotary Table

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Direct Drive Rotary Table

High Speed Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct drive Rotary tables are rotors that are fixed into a rotary press, or, more accurately, directly into a rotary mold. These rotors are usually made of steel or high alloy iron. Direct Drive Rotary Table is one of the most commonly used rotary tools, but it has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of this type of table is that they tend to wear out much faster than rotary tables that use the screw jack method. Because the table moves with variable speeds directly into the rotors, there is no need to use a cam lever in order to keep the rotors perpendicular to the work surface.

Many advantages come from using a high speed direct drive rotary table. Direct drive rotary tables have the internal motor driving the rollers and shaft efficiently built right into the rotary table body itself. The tables give extremely high RPM and high speed performance with very low deceleration and high acceleration. High speed continuous rotation provides the operator with extended service life, especially on continuous operation for twelve and even eighteen hues.

High speed continuous rotation is achieved due to the fact that the high speed roller bearings in the outer ring gearbox are directly attached to the camshaft. The two outer ring gears also link the two lower teeth on the spindle to each other. High speed camshaft designs make Direct Drive Rotary Table popular with many industries. Because of these features, direct drive rotary tables are used for precision plasma cutting, abrasive sanding, abrasive polishing and grinding, as well as many other high speed industrial processes. These types of rotary tables are also used to provide a permanent installation on many types of aircraft.

An indirect roll-bearing design is used in Direct Drive Rotary Table that utilizes helical motion. The table is fixed to a work platform with bolts that are locked into place. The table has a single or multi-link rack system that uses high-speed, direct drive roll bearings, which are enclosed in a heat-shield. The helical rack system provides a secure and efficient holding capability for heavy items.

One advantage of high-speed direct drive rotary table is that they provide high-speed operation when the material being cut rotates at high speed. This type of table is also called helical tables, by many industry professionals. The use of this table provides for accuracy, since the operator can eliminate interference from nearby equipment.

The high-torque motor used in Direct Drive Rotary Table is a beneficial feature for many applications. The motors allow for consistent, smooth cutting, even at high speeds and for long hours of continuous operation. These types of tables are popular in applications where accuracy is important. These types of table generally do not have a bottom feeder or a gearbox. The gearbox provides a one-step cutting method that minimizes slipping and runs at very low speeds. High-speed direct drive rotary tables usually have sealed gearboxes and ball bearings for maximum cutting efficiency.