Benefits of Using a Direct Drive Rotary Table

// Published 2021-09-06 by admin

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Benefits of Using a Direct Drive Rotary Table

A Direct Drive Rotary Table is a cost effective alternative to a mechanical or electronic controlled table that requires oil lubrication or cooling. These types of tables are designed to offer users the ability to use them with zero amounts of maintenance or lubrication. The tables are highly efficient in their operation with high performance and outstanding accuracy. Rotary tables are specifically designed to provide users with the utmost in productivity. These types of tables allow users to effortlessly do precise work and create precise angles and works of art!

Direct drive rotary tables have no mechanical loss mechanisms like the mechanical worm gear system in a typical rotary table. The tables offer extremely high speed rotation with high acceleration and constant deceleration as well. The only limitation is the operating torque of the motor driving the system! This constant acceleration and deceleration combined with a fully balanced system provides an accurate, powerful and efficient force. Unlike electronic controlled tables, direct drive rotary tables are self contained units that require no extra power source for their operation. They are very simple and easy to operate and do not require an electrical outlet or plug-in for connection.

The main advantage to using a direct drive rotary table is that they offer users high-speed performance. They can achieve high degrees of accuracy and force transmission. These factors combine to make the rotary table very efficient and give it the ability to perform precise works without the help of an external motor. Another advantage of having a direct drive system is that users do not have to worry about oil lubrication or cooling and do not have to concern about any clogging.

This type of rotary table also offers users other advantages. Like all other table systems, the rotary table features zero backlash operations. This means that the system functions without the help of mechanical drive or gearing. This is due to the design of the uddr-t 200-100 servos which allows them to have zero backlash. Zero backlash provides for an accurate operation and results in very smooth and precise movements.

A downside to all rotary tables, particularly those that use zero-backlash drive rotary tables are that users need to service them more often. Servos need to be clutched or removed from the system for maintenance and cleaning. Also, it takes more effort to remove the servos from the face gear of a zero-backlash system than it does with a geared or electronic system. Electronic and geared systems tend to have better ease of use and are more reliable in the long run. Still, zero backlash rotary tables are more expensive and take more effort to use. Nevertheless, these advantages are worth it if the rotary table is used frequently.

Some of the best direct drive rotary tables feature a gear reduction system. Gear reduction systems are useful because they allow users to decrease the level of force that is exerted on a piece of equipment. For instance, if the operator needs to move a piece of equipment very quickly, he can increase the gear ratio so that more force can be generated. The gear reduction system is especially useful for very heavy pieces of equipment. This increases their portability and reduces the chances that they will damage their machinery. They are also great for smaller items and can easily be moved from one location to another.