The Advantages of Using Palletizing Equipment

// Published 2021-09-12 by admin

What is Palletizing Systems? A palletizer is an automated machine that is used for moving and storing products stacked on a pallet, transported as a single unit load and stacked in any way possible. The basic application focuses on several kinds of stacked crates. The units can either be built in stainless steel or in galvanized style ensuring durable and long term quality of goods. The machines are extremely helpful in warehousing requirements and various industries.

Palletizing Systems

There are several kinds of palletizing systems available in the market. These include Rotary Trolley, Direct Drive Rotary Table, Incontrol Table, Defrosted Stacking and Rolled Over Rolled Pallets. These are generally used for the purposes of packaging and other warehousing applications. A Rotary Trolley is one of the most common kinds of system that are in use these days. It facilitates easy loading into trucks. The system consists of a drum with projecting forks, at the end of which two stacks of trolley bars can be lifted off and loaded directly onto pallets.

In the process of manufacturing, it is very essential to keep a tab on inventory levels and pallet sizes. This calls for efficient storage of finished goods in palletizing units. A large number of industries, both private and public, make extensive use of palletizers for their warehousing requirements. It is because of their versatility and speedy movement that they have become so popular among different types of businesses. The various advantages that they offer to the business owners are immense.

One of the most important advantages of using palletizers is automation. This is because palletizing machines are basically automated systems. They can also be programmed to accept a specific stock and to respond to changes in stock levels automatically. This reduces the manual labour involved in the inventory tracking. Apart from this, automatic loading systems, automated lifting and lowering devices, and control panels that control and monitor palletizing units are some of the other advantages of the automated palletizing machines.

Apart from reduced manual labor, another important advantage of the automatic palletizing equipment is the increased efficiency and better cost of product shipment. It enables the companies to save on transportation costs as well. Automated loading systems also help in reducing the waste of precious resources, as the pallets are loaded directly onto pallets without having to hold the pallets individually. The automated systems, on the other hand, reduce the physical handling of pallets by reducing physical labor required for palletizing activities.

A high speed electric conveyor is an example of a modern day palletizing system. High speed electric conveyors are capable of processing huge volumes of raw materials with ease and reducing wastage of material and energy. Another modern day palletizing equipment is the laser scan system that accurately determines the amount of product to be loaded into a slot. It then efficiently sorts the pallets and delivers the required items to the specified destination. Hence, it is evident that the demand for high speed electric conveyors has tremendously increased.