High Speed, Precision And Reliability From Direct Drive Rotary Table

// Published 2021-09-14 by admin

A Direct Drive Rotary Table is basically a mechanism that rotates on two wheels, so as to alter the alignment of a fixed axis or table. In its simplest form, it is a two wheel drive with a pulley system that is able to counterbalance a fixed force. This force can be a twisting motion or a braking effect, depending on the application. These mechanisms are used for a wide range of mechanical applications in the automotive, mechanical engineering and manufacturing fields.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

The major benefit of the Direct Drive Rotary Table is the extreme and free variable speed capabilities. From among such benefits of these Direct Drive Rotary Table, refers to their fast repeatability, the long time of warranty, their tolerability of high and low radial and axial forces during operation, and their zero-drag performance. The zero-drag feature makes them an ideal choice for machining fixtures in abrasive alloys, where high wear resistance is desired. The zero-drag feature of the Direct Drive Rotary Table is also very important for the designing and planning of complex machine operation, where the use of linear data acquisition methods are necessary.

Another important benefit of the direct drive rotary table is that they can be used to provide a high accuracy with low distortion for CNC operation. This is possible because the CNC programming language often requires high torque and high accuracy at the start of every operation. Hence, the high torque of the CNC drives provides a smooth ride and helps in producing high accurate outputs. Another benefit is that these high-torque models allow for more refined and efficient milling and cutting operation at the same time, without affecting the accuracy of the outputs.

The direct drive rotary table is available in both high-speed and low-speed versions. The high-speed versions are most often used when high-volume cutting is needed at short notice. The low-speed Direct Drive Rotary Table is best used for small-quantity operations and for designing simple CNC programs and CNC milling operations. Since the CNC programming languages require high precision and high speed for programmable logic controls, both the high and low-speed models are useful for this application.

The major advantage of the direct drive rotary table is that it offers high speed and precision for applications requiring large capacity and fast results. Furthermore, they offer zero backlash operation, which is an advanced feature. The zero-backlash system of the rotary tables can help eliminate the effects of vibration, which can affect the functioning of the machinery. For instance, when a part of the equipment encounters a sudden movement, the equipment can experience vibrations, which can adversely affect its performance.

The low-torque design of the rotary tables enable it to operate at high speeds even without input from the operator. This is possible because of the high torque ratings of the CNC machines. They also offer smooth and precise movements. The high torque of the direct drive rotary tables allows them to perform with precision and provide smooth and accurate results as well as long hours of operation time.