Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Direct Drive Rotary Table

// Published 2021-09-14 by admin

If you are searching for a new, improved way of working with your machines, then it would be worthwhile to try using a Direct Drive Rotary Table. The Rotary Products, as they are also known, are the modern replacements for the old rotary products and tools that were once used in the industry. Previously the products had their axis driven by cam and cylinder systems that were either manually operated by a gearbox. Direct Drive Rotary Table has the motor driving the rotary axes directly into the face plate and shaft. The new models offer extremely high RPM and low speed capabilities along with excellent deceleration and acceleration.

The applications for Direct Drive Rotary Table range from milling machines, die cutting machines, assembly lines, sheet metal machining and precision surface fabrication. The advantages of direct drive rotary tables over the older rotary tables are: The operation requires no moving parts. The accuracy is far better than the older versions and the speed and acceleration are far faster and smoother.

Another advantage of the Direct Drive Rotary Table is that it offers extremely fast and precise machining and cutting. This makes it ideal for precision surface cuts, exact surface integration and CNC grinding. With a Direct Drive Rotary Table, there is no need to use lubricants or adhesives to hold the head in position. There is no internal friction, which means that the machine is capable of operating at high speeds. Furthermore, the high speed allows the operator to cut very complex shapes with high resolution.

There are several advantages of the direct drive rotary table that make it so desirable in the machining industry. Firstly, they offer extremely fast operation speeds and they are much more accurate than older rotary tables. The high speed allows the operator to make very detailed cuts which do not require the operator to apply mechanical energy. Also, the accuracy is much better than older types of tables because of the smooth transition from the blank to the machined areas. In addition, the high speed provides for extremely fast on-off cycles, making them ideal for applications where there are high performance and ease of operation.

A disadvantage of using a direct drive rotary table is that it is dependent on one motor instead of two. This means that if one motor fails, the other is affected as well. Additionally, the high-speed nature of the designs means that there is a natural tendency for the torque rotary heads to wear out quickly. However, the manufacturers of these types of tables have designed them to counter this effect by designing them with a helical torsion spring which adds to the life span of the unit. Also, many helical torsion springs are made from high-quality steel which allows them to withstand the wear and tear of being run over by the machines that use them.

The main advantage of the direct drive rotary table is that it has high torque and high speed. This allows it to perform precise and reliable work and is especially suited to precision CNC machines. It also has the advantage of having a low profile so it is easier to attach to machinery. Lastly, it can perform operations faster than traditional high speed tables. All in all, it is generally considered to be the most appropriate option for CNC machinery and the application that will need it.