Direct Drive Rotary Table – Perfect Tool For All Types of Machine Work

// Published 2021-09-29 by admin

Direct Drive Rotary Table is the most popular and effective type of table found in today’s modern shops. Its name suggests that its rotary action is produced by a rotation of the shaft that is driven by a power electric motor. In simple words it is a direct drive or a self propelled rotary machine. Its advantages over other rotary tables include: speed of work, easiness of use, better cost of operation, better accuracy and reliability, ease of maintenance and fewer backlashes if any. Direct Drive Rotary Table usually are direct driven from the engine (High torque motors). On high-end drill press engines where counter-rotation is important, direct drive rotary table has zero worm gears.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

The use of Direct Drive Rotary Table is widely used for most of the metal fabrication machining operations. It is one of the most common machines used in fabrication shops and also used in many production facilities. Due to these benefits and easiness it offer to the users, it is used in many production and finishing shops. These tables are highly useful in machining operations that requires high speeds such as in abrasive finishing, abrasive sanding, drilling, etc. It also provides high-quality results in fast turnaround time.

Another important feature of rotary tables is their availability at a competitive price. There are various manufacturers that produces and produce Direct Drive Rotary Tables at economical prices and quality. These manufacturers are able to maintain their competitive prices because of lower overheads. These lower overheads consist of lower labor costs, easier purchasing, and less packaging. In addition, high precision and high consistency are the other advantages of using Direct Drive Rotary Table.

A high speed direct drive rotary table allows you to perform many operations such as cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing, turning, and routing etc. with high speed. It offers smooth operation and eliminates unwanted vibrations. The zero backlash design provides accurate results and facilitates smooth transition between operations. Most of the manufactures are using high speed CNC machines in order to produce these high quality Rotary Products at economical prices and high speed.

High Precision Rotary Products have high accuracy and high speed capability. Most of the manufactures are using precision engineering and high speed CNC machines to manufacture these products at economical prices. Most of the high speed CNC machines use ball bearing technology which offers high accuracy and high speed capability. Most of the manufactures are using high precision CNC machines to cut the parts and components.

The high torque motor and the precision engineering technologies provide high accuracy and high speed capability. High accuracy tables are ideal for machine work of all types and sizes. Direct Drive Rotary Table is a perfect tool for machining both tolerance and thickness. It has an accurate tolerance range of 0.00inches to 0.1inch. There are also high torque motors used for smooth operation.